Paul Marascalco

Registered Investment Advisor

I began my career as an Investment Advisor in 1993 with the Global Axa Group.  After 13 years with Axa I decided to go Independent for a number of reasons. One of which was that I perceived that working for a firm, rather than being Independent ,created certain conflicts of interest. What was best for the client was not always the most financially rewarding for the Advisor. In my move to Independence I removed that conflict fully. Realizing that the only way to truly put the interests of the client first was to tie my compensation to what was best for the client. In that process I began emphasizing a Fee Based Practice. 

Some years later I began to realize that my Broker Dealer provided very little support, and at times inhibited my ability to fully serve my clients as I thought  best. So in 2015 I left the Independent Broker Dealer platform to open my own Registered Investment Advisory firm. Since this is my firm, within the parameters of regulation, I can manage my client's portfolios as I see best. In the process of opening my firm I eliminated all commission work and moved to a fully fee based advisory practice. I only manage money on a fee basis so that I am rewarded financially with the growth of a client portfolio. It is that simple and will never change. 

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